Water Cooled Condenser Barrels

WPI has been manufacturing air and water cooled industrial chiller systems since 1993. Compact servicable, ultra compact servicable, custom engineered, OEM field replacement is Whaley’s specialty in chiller barrels. WPI offers single and dual circuit condenser barrels for gases including R-22, R-410a, R-134A, R-12, R-13, R-404A, and many more. Brazed plate and shell & tube barrels are available. Contact an experienced chiller barrel engineer today.


TX / TXC Chiller Barrels:

30%-50% smaller than comparable models
Easier to handle and position
New advanced design
US listed or ASME
3/4″ isnulation
Single, dual, three and four circuit designs
33 TX models from 2 thru 500 tons


TXG Chiller Barrels:

Rivals Brazed Plates for Compactness
Accurate ratings to ARI 480-95
More resistant to localized freeze-ups
Design resists clogging and premature failure
Single and Dual circuit designs
22 models from 30 to 190 tons
Ideal for OEM replacement


Ice Rink Chiller Barrels:

Ice Rink Chiller Barrels are available.
Contact Standard Refrigeration Company for ice rink chillers for both glycol and brine applications. DX and Flooded available to over 500 tons.



Near Drop-In Replacements. Minimal Re-Piping Required!
Specially designed to fit into existing single or three-pass OEM systems
Water connection locations designed to match up with common field connections
2-3 Week Lead Times Or Better!
UL Listed or ASME
Removable endplates for serviceability
Cataloged models from 4 to 110 tons.
Available units to 225 tpms.